"You have to give players a reason to continue playing"

"You have to give players a reason to continue playing"

When OMAC acquired Trukz, they first did a survey on what players would like to see next. They shortlisted the best ideas from that survey and combined them with some of their own. So now players can really look forward to the new features that will be added to the game in the next couple of weeks.

Galaxy-News: Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Rachel: Hi guys, I'm Rachel Smyth and I work for OMAC Industries, a Dublin, Ireland based publisher of Persistent Browser Games. I'm the lead developer on Trukz and I'm delighted to be working on such an interesting game.

Galaxy-News: Please give a brief description of Trukz.

Rachel: Trukz is a trucking RPG. You get to play the role of a truck driver, travelling around North America and Europe, delivering cargo between cities and earning in-game money for your time. Once you save up your money from doing deliveries, you can purchase a range of equipment which helps you out, buy new trucks with better performance, and improve your cargo-carrying abilities.

Once a player advances further, they can either join other players in an existing in-game company or set up their own. This is the equivalent of setting up a clan in other RPGs. It allows a lot more management of the logistics involved in the trucking industry, competing for contracts, allocating jobs, giving discounts on repairs, fuel and so on. We have a lot of competition between our in-game companies, and we've had a lot of input from players involved in the trucking industry.

Galaxy-News: When and why did you start working on it?

Rachel: OMAC acquired the game at the end of July from its previous owner, Kevin Marks of Cyber Nations. One of the first things we did was to survey our players and had a huge response which gave us a really good idea of what players are looking for, so we've shortlisted a few of the cooler ideas, as well as our own so that players will see new features added soon. We've also a ton of extra new features which we're keeping quiet about for the time being.

Galaxy-News: Is there any chance for us to get a little more information concerning the update?

Rachel: I'd love to, but we're not quite ready to talk about that yet, other than telling you the first major new feature is something our existing players will love, as it extends the playing experience for them, while giving new players a lot more depth to the gameplay :)

Galaxy-News: What's your position in the team and how many other people are working for OMAC Industries?

Rachel: I'm lead developer of Trukz, and there are about a dozen people working for OMAC, about two thirds of which are developers. People in the company are working on existing games like NationStates 2 or on some of our in-development games, which we've been very quiet about!

Galaxy-News: What makes Trukz different from other browser games? Why would you recommend it to our readers?

Browser games are really interesting to work with. Unlike other PC or console games, you have to give players a reason to continue playing the game. This means that the game has to be interesting, easy to play and constantly evolving to meet players' expectations. 
With Trukz, we're catering for a wide audience of players . We know that a significant proportion of our players work in the trucking industry, and it's been really great having their input into some of the detail, which translates to a much more comprehensive playing experience for everyone else!

Galaxy-News: How do you finance the game? Do you offer paid features?

Rachel: The game is completely free to play for everyone but you can upgrade/donate to access more in-game money. It's very useful for new players as it allows them to upgrade much quicker.

Galaxy-News: Trukz is an infinite game. In how far is it possible for new players to still be successful when competing with established players/companies?

Rachel: That depends on what players want when they play the game. If someone has a ten minute coffee break that they are looking to fill on a regular basis, they're not looking for a competitive experience against other players. It's just a bit of fun.

We're focusing on this during our ongoing development, balancing a fun playing experience for the coffee break player, while adding a slew of extra functionality and features for players who are currently at the other end of spectrum, who've been playing the game for over a year.

Galaxy-News: Thanks ever so much for your time! Take care!

Rachel: You're welcome, and thanks a million for covering, we hope you like playing it as much as we like developing it

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