Best game ever, best support client of any game

posted 8 years, 7 months ago by Super_Nova

Love to play this. I have downloaded it on everything I own. I even bought a nice tablet just for the game a year ago. It is perfect as a time waster or to seriously immerse yourself in the gameplay. Gloriously simple U/I that gives you years of entertainment. I personally love the game so much I spent money but you can get by well without. The team aspect makes it balance. If any issues arrise the support team (Aaron) fixes everything immediately so there is no feeling of disconnect between the devs and the players. And oh the players! You love em or hate em but one things for sure, you better download it yesterday! EU server-SHARDS- Super_Nova. Dont wait! There is a war!

posted 8 years, 3 months ago by Super_Nova

Not any more. Support is denying my alliance members missing content. We saw his ship and they say he never built it and the poor old guy spent money on it. BS! New person answering tickets is rude and you get the feeling he is trying to protect the company from the customers it's a really stage atmosphere now. Total bummer dudes.

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