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Players begin the game as a Consul to the Roman Empire with a city under their command to develop. As a true leader they must then advance their nation both in economy and strength, conquer untamed lands, pillage dangerous wilderness, wage devastating wars and form powerful leagues to unite the empire under the roman banner.

No longer available!

More about Caesary

  • Build up a nation - conquer your enemies

    (12/08/2010) Caesary is a strategy game that weaves together nation building and military strategy to create immersive and dynamic play. New players begin as consul of a small Roman town, and are given the tools needed to quickly grow into a full-fledged city of the Roman Empire. Throughout the course of the game, players can build additional cities, recruit powerful heroes, and create unstoppable armies as they struggle for dominance. More ...

  • Lekool Opens New Caesary Server

    (09/08/2010) LeKool inc., a social and browser game publisher and developer, with the partnership of the developer Heroic Era Inc, will launch a brand new server of CAESARY (Server 3 -- Caligula), a free-to-play City-Building and Perpetual Military Strategy game set in the age of Rome. More ...

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