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Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions is a strategy browser game set in a desolate, war-torn fantasy world. Take the role of a daemon lord of the Mo’kai, who have descended on the world of the Wylar through dimensional rifts to resume their aeon-old war for power and supremacy.

From your Throne of Shadow, expand your empire and grapple with other daemon lords for world domination and the title of Archdaemon. To accomplish your goal, you need to amass resources and expand your fortress with increasingly fearsome structures. Summon bloodthirsty daemons, assemble your merciless legions and send them into battle against the Wylar and other daemon lords. Explore the expansive upperworld, establish further fortresses and extend your reach of power.

Enter into a pact with your friends to resist more mighty opponents. Support each other by trading resources and offering assistance in combat. Assemble bigger and bigger legions and send them united into battle. Work together to crush your enemies and subdue the world!

Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions is completely playable in your browser and does not require installation or the download of a client – simply register here and start playing instantly!


  • Collect and manage resources to upgrade your Obsidian fortress with a multitude of buildings and to train your legions.
  • Assemble an army of merciless daemons and engage in epic battles against the Wylar in PvE and against other daemon lords in PvP.
  • Explore the expansive upperworld, seize raw material fields, and build new fortresses to expand your empire.
  • Align yourself with friends in a pact and fight against the alliances of other players for world domination.
  • Complete a variety of quests, collect experience points and level up to rise to the position of Archdaemon.

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