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Its time to cuddle on the browser game universe! Cute little puppies, the wauies are waiting on for their new owners to adopt, raise and train them. A difficult choice, for who would be able to tell which puppy is the cutest?
Once players have happily chosen their favorite new best friend, it needs to be taken care of. Dog food, water, a dog-basket and decoration for its home, and of course, lots of toys to play with, can be purchased in stores all over town. But a puppy needs more than that: It needs attention. Thanks to state-of-the-art flash-technology, taking care of your wauie doesnt just mean filling in tables. On the contrary, if you would like to brush your wauie, you can take up the virtual brush yourself. Throw a stick and the animated puppy will happily try to catch it, just like a real dog.
To make sure your puppy also learns a bit of discipline, try training it a few tricks. Thats not just fun, but also a good way to earn some in-game money. As soon as your wauie knows how to roll over, play dead or give paw, you can try to show its tricks to the juries all over town, compete against other dog-owners and their puppies, or take part at the TV-competition. Which is the best-trained dog? Come and find out! But dont forget: Your wauie needs a little attention every now and then!
Did you always want to own your own little puppy? Then dont miss the server start on March 18th, at 11 a.m. GMT+1 and stop by on Its time to cuddle!

No longer available!

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