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  • Habbo

    • Players 316K
    • Tags Anime, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

    Founded in 2000, Habbo Hotel is the world’s largest online community and social game site for teenagers with over 200 million registered characters to ...

  • Bonga Online

    • Players 7K
    • Tags Anime, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

    Bonga Online unfolds the story of two bongies, which grew up in rival tribes and in spite of adverse circumstances have fallen in love ...

  • Metropolis City

    • Tags Tycoon, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

    Big, bigger, MetropolisHave Fun and create your own Metropolis. Change the landscape, build Cities bigger than you can imagine und show it to your ...

  • DBFFO: Dragonball Final ...

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    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Puzzle, ...

  • Abstract4

    • Tags Misc. sports, Puzzle, Browser ...

  • SuperKäsi

    • Tags Puzzle, Browser MMOs

    Superkäsi ist eine aufgebohrte Mehrspielerversion von Käsekästchen, das man auch auf karriertem Papier spielen kann. In der jetzigen Phase würde die Bezeichnung "Such- und ...

  • A Players Life

    • Tags Tycoon, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

  • Disney Games Portal

    • Tags Girls, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

  • Bakterion

    • Tags Anime, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

  • UpjersQuiz

    • Tags Puzzle, Browser MMOs

  • Kweekwiet

    • Tags Tycoon, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

  • Hidden Chronicles

    • Tags Farm & Animals, Puzzle, ...

  • ASDA 2

    • Tags Anime, Puzzle, Download MMOs

    Warriors who use a one-handed sword and shield boast the greatest defense power of all classes. This class has skills to instantly close the ...

  • FunFastFantastic

    • Tags SciFi, Puzzle, Browser MMOs

  • Popotamo

    • Tags Puzzle, Browser MMOs

    Taking Scrabble to the next level, Popotamo allows you to play on your terms. Different options and game modes make for a more exciting ...