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Just imagine Rocking out to really GREAT music online, for FREE, on a game that you can play anywhere, anytime, where you don't need to buy CD's or install anything, where the music is directed by the company the Guitar Hero team went to, where we DON'T charge for extra songs, that will quickly have over 1,000 amazing songs, as users upload new tracks, that can allow EIGHT people to compete on any stage, and that's just about hanging out with friends and having fun. That's our long term goal here, and here's a sneak peek to see if were on the right track so far.

No longer available!

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  • Acclaim Games Announces ROCKFREE

    (12/01/2008) People around the world are playing music games like Rockband and Guitar Hero, but the price for these music based games can be expensive. Acclaim Games has the answer, "ROCKFREE". Acclaim Games is proud to announce a free, browser-based, multiplayer, PC rock game that connects people through music and socialization. More ...

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