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Hack and Cast is a browser based RPG that focuses on leveling your character, fighting monsters or Beasts, completing quests, conquering land and digging for treasure. You get random loot, stat gains, XP, gold etc. from killing monsters. There is a premium currency in the game, Painite, that can be purchased or found from destroying items, digging, completing quests, voting or selling XP on the market. It's the most important currency in the game. We are also getting more ways of using Painite. Some of you may have heard of the game before, there's a new owner now and new changes that are implemented now. 
You can look at our wiki for more information about the features of the game. You're also free to ask the community in the chat. We're a friendly bunch!
One of the most important parts of the game are the weekly competitions. Land conquering for each of the world: Htrea and Sybalgone and Beast Hunt.

Beast Hunt Rewards:
1st place – CASH
2nd place – Painite
3rd place - Bid Tokens 
Land Conquering Rewards:
1st place – CASH
2nd place – Painite
3rd place - Gold

We have a 8x8 map which require Travel points to move around, Land conquering is based on conquering this map, but be careful. Others can capture your tiles that you've captured! 
In Beast Hunt you have to kill boss-type Beasts that are spawned when one of the four quadrants (4x4) of the map is conquered or randomely spawned while fighting or digging.
You can learn more about these features on our wiki as well.

-Treasure Hunt
-Player-driven market 
-Level of monsters raises based on total monsters killed
-Different qualities of loot
-Digging for treasures
-Character upgrades
-Level sacrificing for limitless level cap
-Chat with a friendly community
-Overall rankings and daily kill/ levels rankings
I haven't said anything about the combat system yet. Combat system is pretty much automated from stats that you've gained from fighting monsters, leveling up and from equipment equipped. You have a certain number of autos in the beginning. These autos let you know how many times you can automatically hit the monsters that are separated by a delay.
You can also upgrade drop rate, XP rate, gold rate, autos, bag space with Painite as part of our features (Character upgrades) which makes them the most wanted currency.
There are regular updates being implemented and one of the features coming soon is Guild system. So join us now and have fun playing the game and chatting with the community!
We're also iPhone/Android friendly. Here's a link to GooglePlay app:
Or you can just play it in your browser.
Hope to see you guys in the game!

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